Back with the Winds

IMG_1771 Every few years, I am constantly reinventing myself ~ I suppose most people do this.  Some people cut their hair or get a new tattoo, move cities or get a new job.  What do I do?  I change up my blog, get a new domain name.  I tweak my tag line a bit and try to figure out how my life will play out for the next few years or what I fancy writing about.  Last year was my wake up call that life – mine at least – doesn’t quite get to work out like that; I don’t get the novela or playscript I hoped for.  Making the definitive claim that 2012 was going to be my signature year almost guaranteed it would not be anything near that.
But you know what? That’s what life is about. It is that unfinished poem, the novel unwritten. It is never going to BE what you want it to be or how you expect it to turn out. We could sit here and swap stories about how my year sucked more than yours and I guarantee you, there’s a story sadder than mine and much more tragic and gutwrenching than mine could ever be. I am just a drama queen at heart.
At the end of the day, I’m still here. Still itching to write and share a bit of my world with you, as scary as those consequences may be. I’m still sarcastic but with some glimmer of eternal hope that if we all do a little bit of good in our corner of the world, everything will change for the better. I’m working at being honest to a fault but in a world where that sometimes bites you in the ass, well…I am working on it.
So I am back with the winds. And I pray it’s a bit more lasting. Why bittersweet? Because that is how I’ve always described life to be. It is nothing but. There are moments that make you laugh so hard you want to pee in your pants and other moments ~ moments you don’t quite understand you want to scream but no sound escapes from your mouth. But it is always beautiful and enticing.

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