We all have moments of weakness, moments when the stress of every day life becomes too overwhelming and we think our efforts are pointless.  Last night, after a long day of work and a series of unfortunate occurrences here and there, I was spent by the time we picked up the girls from confirmation class.  My eyes were heavy, hands wrinkled from washing dishes and hair in disarray.

We had to rearrange our weekend plans because of Ema’s confirmation mass on Saturday evening; I felt my efforts as a soccer team manager were pointless; and I was frustrated because of work issues.  That’s right – it had absolutely turned into a Woe Me kind of evening.  Thank goodness it was just Otis listening to my babbling because in a matter of minutes I was an incoherent crying mess. I was up and ready to backhand the new year.

Thank goodness I took a moment to just breath.  Because the crap from last year? It’s not going away because it’s January.  The medical bills don’t dwindle to $0.00 and your Boss who use to follow every single HR rule there was isn’t going to change his stripes overnight (in fact, it looks as if he wants to challenge you a tad more this year).  Some illnesses still linger and you have to be vigilant.

However.  We still have to wake up and believe in something bigger and brighter. Because it IS a new year.  Every day is a new start.

Today, I share this article with you:

 I told Otis last night I was afraid I didn’t make a difference with our girls…that my mantra of Paying It Forward was lost on them.  I said perhaps the little things I do to try to DO good actually don’t make a difference…

I’d like to constantly prove myself wrong.

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