Beautiful. Gastronomique.


There is something undeniably natural about reaching for a freshly sliced piece of homemade bread, steam still coming off the top…sweet butter melting straight through to the middle.  Your fingers seep into the dough and you take your first bite.  The house smells of bakery as your mouth touches both married bread and butter.  You are in carbohydrate heaven.  You set the crust to dark so to top off the culinary experience, you walk excitedly to the pantry and reach for the honey.  You break off a chunk, dip it into the honey and take a savory bite.  The combination is nothing less than divine.

One of my best friends spends her living writing about food.  I could never do what she does because I do not have the patience to write about one thing (nor am I as skilled a writer as she is).  I am scatter-brained that way.  But I must be doing something right if everyone who knows me makes it a point to pass on their favorite bakeries or restaurants (odd that I never get recommendations for vegetable joints).

In moments of great stress, there are three things that help put everything into perspective.

1.  Cleaning.  Yes, cleaning. When I was young, I would rearrance my closet (color-coding my clothes ~ which became difficult when my wardrobe consisted of black clothes)  if I broke up with a boyfriend or did bad on an exam.  Now, I take time out to clean the bathrooms and tidy up a bit if I’ve had a bad day or week (and, no, this is not a regular thing…for families on the go, you KNOW what I’m talking about…I am no longer plagued with OCD nor can I afford a maid).

2.  Writing.  I am no Jack Kerouac or J.D. Salinger but writing is something that comes naturally for me.  Something I do better than speaking.  Some people find it difficult to expose their thoughts and feelings to others but my thought is that we all share similar thoughts and feelings.  It is a shame we do not share them as often with one another.

3.  Food.  Whether it’s cooking it, eating it, or even just photographing it.  I love taking in food in all sorts of forms.  Sometimes just reading about it makes me feel calm.  Actually, sharing it with people is the best.  When I get the pleasure of sharing it on date night with Otis, or with a friend, or with the family ~ that’s when the food is so much fun.  It is when a green tea tiramisu has more of  a glimmer.  It is when a fresh tuna tartare in the thinnest slice from Morimoto’s tastes all the better.

Sometimes, I stop in my tracks midday.  Because I smell Tokyo.  I smell it in the air I breath because it smells like someone is cooking ramen so I close my eyes and I imagine a schoolboy on his bicycle.  And then sometimes I get a little teary eyed because it’s a humid day in Northern California and the ice cream man is passing by.  I think of days of old, when my grandfather would give my cousins and I money to get “dirty ice cream” on the streets of Manila.

So many beautiful memories around food.  Every bite, even the bads one, are good.  Because for every bad meal I’ve had…I just want to go out and have a good one.  🙂

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