Summer Cleaning

It’s summer and as all summers go, the schedule is different. It’s a different crazy than school season.  With the kids out of school, it’s my time to rev up the work schedule and seriously attempt to do “spring” cleaning while manage quality time with the family when we aren’t running around doing our weekend sports.  So, as you can see, a different sort of crazy for me.  I never tend to slow down.  I look at this time and say, wow!  I have time to write ~ something I haven’t done in ages!  Instead of, wow, this is my time to sleep in.  Something I haven’t done in ages!   I am thoroughly enjoying the clatter of my keyboard and this time to myself though.  I have read back through my previous posts and realize how much I miss this part of me, every time I read and write I think, I * miss * this.  It’s like a nice smooth cup of mocha which does not add a thousand calories or scary flab to my arms or tummy.

I started a new position at work, one which will require more of my time (I thought promotions required less time and the ability for me to delegate my work to someone else??).  I also have a new volunteer position in the community, one which I take very seriously and has visibility ~ one in which has made me review anything and everything I have written because, yes, it’s that sort of position.  Will people question who I am from what I have written?  Will they ask what sort of character I have and my ability to lead them?  I was proud of anything I had ever posted here.  In fact, I hope I will get to write more.  It’s summertime and a time for lazy days and day dreaming for most…for me, it’s a great time for cleaning ~ in more ways than one.  [As a side note to anyone who may actually step foot in my actual home, with my hectic schedule, this “cleaning” may be more spiritual than physical…I don’t know how much cosmetic cleaning my house is going to get…that process takes all year with my three + Otis kids!]

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