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Field of Dreams

 My daughter took this picture on our way home from Los Angeles a few weeks ago.  It was a great trip for her ~ their middle school band won Silver and the string section won Gold in the Heritage Music Festival.  It was a trip I was fortunate to chaperone; a trip which took months … Continue reading


We all have moments of weakness, moments when the stress of every day life becomes too overwhelming and we think our efforts are pointless.  Last night, after a long day of work and a series of unfortunate occurrences here and there, I was spent by the time we picked up the girls from confirmation class. … Continue reading

The Confessions of a Crazed Soccer Mom

I can still feel the sweat dripping down my brow as I stood on the field, the heat of the equatorial Sun beating on my head. My uniform was drenched and I was definitely out of breath. But the ball was coming towards me and I had the opportunity to steal it from my opponent. … Continue reading

Sweet Surrender

  As a parent, you want nothing more in life than to do what is right for your children.  From the very minute you find out you are pregnant, to the minute you think you may very well leave this world.  I have had the pleasure of enduring three biopsies.  And each time I waited … Continue reading