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Summer Cleaning

It’s summer and as all summers go, the schedule is different. It’s a different crazy than school season.  With the kids out of school, it’s my time to rev up the work schedule and seriously attempt to do “spring” cleaning while manage quality time with the family when we aren’t running around doing our weekend … Continue reading

Beautiful. Gastronomique.

There is something undeniably natural about reaching for a freshly sliced piece of homemade bread, steam still coming off the top…sweet butter melting straight through to the middle.  Your fingers seep into the dough and you take your first bite.  The house smells of bakery as your mouth touches both married bread and butter.  You … Continue reading

Sucker Punched

Some people step into a yoga studio to feel at peace.  Others slip on their running shoes and hit the pavement to leave their world behind and feel the wind in their hair.  I always feel calmest when I have a pen in hand or my keyboard beneath my fingertips…especially when I cannot figure things … Continue reading

Sidetracked and Sleepless

Sidetracked and Sleepless

I am sitting here attempting to update my resume.  It should be an easy task, considering I got one promotion since I last looked at it.  But I took some painkillers and my attention span is not all there (was it ever?).  I stumble upon an article I wrote for an online contest to meet … Continue reading

Back with the Winds

 Every few years, I am constantly reinventing myself ~ I suppose most people do this.  Some people cut their hair or get a new tattoo, move cities or get a new job.  What do I do?  I change up my blog, get a new domain name.  I tweak my tag line a bit and try … Continue reading